We’ve got 99 problems but a Birch ain’t one. Here in Melbourne, Betula Pendula, or Silver Birch to her friends, is one of our most popular trees, so if that’s what you want in your backyard, we’re the men to get it for you.

Our end-to-end replanting service is exactly what it says – completely end-to-end. We’ll take care of everything from tree and stump removal, pruning of trees that are being retained, site preparation and clearing of debris and garden waste. We’ll even help you choose new trees and personally hand-pick them for you to make sure you get the cream of the crop. 

After we’ve chatted with you to devise a replanting design based on current yard measurements and expected tree growth, our chipper team will replant your chosen trees using premium soil mix, fertilisers and mulch, as well as watering your replanted trees and applying wooden stakes with bands. Voila! One garden to rule them all.